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connecticut. and it's still snowing there. the storm center is circulating, just south of nantucket. here is nantucket. here's cape cod. and it is showing some trends that it's weakening a little bit as it's traveling just about due north, so they're going to continue to get snow, wind, and rain in new england. for us locally, we've had a few scattered sprinkles, a little bit of flurry in the sleet activity in the last few hours, but that's ended a couple hours ago. but getting still a few sprinkles, maybe a little bit of wet snow. it's cold out of the mountains, below freezing there. but in maryland, virginia, the district, we're around 40 degrees and we'll stay that way for another few hours, just a small chance or a sprinkle or flurry. chilly and breezy by noontime. afternoon highs mid to upper 40s, to low 50s by mid afternoon. and a blustery wind. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. first 4 traffic this thursday morning with danella. >> traveling 66 eastbound, had a crash but it quickly cleared and now it's out of the roadway altogether. this time, northbound at glebe, th
is whew, what a good thing it missed us. it's still spinning just south of nantucket. it's kind of slowing down and stalling out. actually, just in the last couple radar updates, looks like it may be drifting a little to the northwest. it has been pounding new jersey, new york, most of new england with heavy snow. many locations in connecticut have had ten, 11, 12 inches of snow, wind-driven with 60-mile-an-hour winds, and now thankfully the snow has ended. eastern long island and up into new england, they're still getting bands of heavy snow, that stretches all the way up into maine and eastern canada. this storm system is looking like a hurricane spinning away here. here's nantucket. it's just south of nantucket in martha's vineyard. there's cape cod. it does look like it may be trying to track off to the north and northwest, which is going to keep new england in wind and rain and snow here throughout much of the rest of the day today. for us, thankfully, all we had late last night, early this morning had been some flurries and sprinkles, a little bit of sleet. just getting a few sprinkl
of nantucket. and they're still getting bands of heavy snow from maine all the way down to massachusetts and into western connecticut. this part of central western connecticut, the areas that have the most snow, up to a foot of the wind-driven heavy snow. still snowing in long island. along new york city, they had up to six to seven inches of snow as well as much of new jersey. and now locally on our radar, we had just a few areas of some flurries, a little bit of sleet activity, some sprinkles. that's pretty much ended, just getting a sprinkle here, northeastern maryland. south of salisbury getting a few flurries now, and temperatures are above freezing thankfully. but it is cold. upper 30s, wind gusting to around 15 miles an hour will increase during the afternoon, gusting 25 to 30 as we climb into the low 50s and we'll get some sunshine back during the afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes. first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. still watching on the accident as you travel northbound fairfax county parkway approaching the dulles toll road. this is closer to sunr
. >>> and we're also going to explain why our friend, joe biden, took a dip in the frigid waters of nantucket sound. and actually, nobody pushed him. >> that's nice. that and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >>> you are looking at live pictures of what continues to be a hostage situation. it has been almost ten hours since heavily armed gunmen possibly dozens of them stormed multiple well-traveled locales throughout mumbai. why do toys for tots and hasbro trust duracell to power their donated toys? duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> all right. let's get a check on weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, i'll tell you, the weather this weekend was really nice. it would be too cold in the mor
of view i often share. >>> up next, why is vice president biden in a bathing suit in nantucket? you know you like it to be 70 when you go in the ocean. this is about half that. this is "hardball," the place for politics. [ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >>> back to "hardball." now to the "sideshow." first bring on thanksgiving on nantucket. how about a cold dive in the ocean? that's how vice president joe biden spent his thanksgiving a.m. they took part in the annual cold turkey plunge, the fund-raiser for the local library. cold might be an understatement for the water temperature in nantucket this time of year is about 40-something. >>> for a less festive side of the holidays, the amer
's the center of it. south of nantucket. its anding over the interior sections. it's wrapping in some warmer air, changing over snow to rain in areas of long island. the temperatures have warmed up even at the upper levels of the storm. that will help things during the day today. the worst of it definitely on cape cod right now. look at the wind gusts. 59 on martha's vineyard, 55 on provincetown. cape cod, this is the worst of it for you. you're getting the rain and the pounding wind. w worcester, the snow with the leaves on the trees aren't doing so well. major highways fine. secondary roads slushy. during the afternoon hours the roads will clear up. most of us will head into the 40s. it will be a slushy, wet mess by later this afternoon. >> it will warm up and melt off. >>> president obama is back at the white house this morning where he will begin to work with congress on taxes, spending, and the national debt. to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff. nbc's trais si potts is in washington. >> reporter: good morning. he's back here and the real work begins starting with the economy including that
hard by sandy. this almost looks like a tropical storm. you can see it's wound up south of nantucket right now. the worst of the winds is definitely down along cape cod. that's where it will continue this morning. look at the wind gusts, 50 to 60 miles per hour from provincetown down to nantucket. it will get better as the day goes on across all of connecticut, massachusetts and rhode island. the worst is over with. the storm is beginning to wrap in some warmer air off the ocean. all the big city temperatures are above freezing and the roads are beginning to improve. as the cars get on them this morning, a lot of them have been treated, so the roads will be improving. a lot of the schools have two or three-hour delays because they know the temperatures will go into the 40s later today and the roads will dramatically improve. don't want to forget our friends dealing with a big winter storm in montana and idaho. a blizzard is under way. that will continue today and tomorrow. that one is not heading across the u.s. looks like the east coast gets a big break. we should be in the 50s by t
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tomorrow. speaking of the winds, the strongest gusts right now, out here near hyannis at 44; nantucket, 47 and we start looking to the new york area and find out the gusts 25 to 30 miles an hour. down from where they were, they peaked out in the 40s, 50s in one or two spots with gusts to 60 and that is about the snow, the wind-swept snow and the very, very cold air that they have been going through. more power outages up there. locally, we still have some gusts as well. 23 miles an hour here in the district and we expect to be on the high side for the next few hours and that is on the chilly side. we got up to 56 degrees today. we're at 51 degrees now and with the clear skies, we'll drop later tonight. the breeze is keeping us from dropping too fast. 48 for columbus. overnight, again, we're thinking 29 for gaithersburg; 27, frederick and hagerstown. 29 in martinsberg. in the district, 36 and we're on track for warmer temperatures. let me give you an idea where we're seeing that right now. d.c., 51. still 77 in dallas. and 74 in wichita and st. louis, 55 degrees and tomorrow's not going to
'easter. it is still hammering parts of the coast of maine and also parts of martha's vineyard and nantucket and that area, a little snow but mainly just rain now, heaviest rain up into maine. anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow fell in the suburbs of new york. that was insult to injury. we have clear skies now. winds will still be with us tonight but not as strong. we had 30 mile-per-hour wins today. they'll be like 20 overnight. temperatures are in the 40s, 46 in rockville, 43 in laytonsville and gaithersburg, 47 great falls, 44 in fairfax and 47 down toward burke, 47 in old town and look at that, 47 in college park. if you factor in the winds, it feels like it's 37 in gaithersburg, feels like it's 38 in leesburg. if you're going out early tonight, dress for the 30s and 40s. if you're going out late, dress for the 20s and 30s. winds diminish slowly, breezy to windy tonight. chilly start tomorrow, jacket good idea for the kids as well and a milder finish friday. so for tonight clear, breezy, cold, a one to two blanket night, lows in the 30s. given the dew point if the winds were not strong,
essential off the long island coast. winds have been gusting to 50 at nantucket. just in the last hour a 38 miles per hour wind gust at laguardia. still we have some precipitation bands feeding back inland. we have one last batch that's going to roll through in the next couple hours. yes, some of this could be actually a mix of some sleet and some of it could be a mix of snow, and ironically, normally we talk about north and west being a better chance for snow. this time it's north and east, going out 50 for annapolis, northern prince george's county and howard county. much better chance than leesburg. so the morning commute is dry. you will need a jacket and gloves tomorrow. dress for the 40s. that last nor east is going to slowly pull away from the new england coast. overnight, mostly cloudy, windy, cold, winds increasing 15 to 25 and gusty. by morning partly cloudy, windy bed. the winds is going to feel like it's in the 20s and 30s. by afternoon, partly cloudy, windy and chilly. highs in the low 50s. and winds voted the northwest at 15 to 25. occasionally gusty. so next three days, green
guardia, about 40 mile-per- hour wind in boston and a 54 mile-per-hour wind gust in nantucket. our highest wind gust is 26 in annapolis. we have a little light rain and showers pushing across parts of the metro area primarily east of i-95. that will be the best chance to see anything in terms of precipitation. temperatures are chilly, 40s and 30s, 39 in gaithersburg, 40 in rockville, 40 in great falls, 40 in fairfax, still 42 in college park and 41 in bowie. so tracking the nor'easter, light rain and/or snow primarily east of town tonight. it will stay dry in the western suburbs. good news for everyone, it will be a dry morning commute. keep your jacket handy and sunglasses tomorrow. yes, we'll see a fair amount of sunshine. now we see showers and rain baltimore, anne arundel into prince george's county. it moves out pretty fast. the clouds hang tough through midnight. then we see breaks and by tomorrow afternoon we're looking at pretty much pure sunshine. the winds will pick up, though. remember we're talking low 50s, but dress for the 40s tomorrow because it's going to feel a little blustery.
to the south of nantucket. here's cape cod and massachusetts, right now getting snow from nova scotia, maine, into new hampshire, massachusetts, parts of rhode island, connecticut. in fact, central and western connecticut, that's the bull's eye of the heaviest snow. they've had nearly a foot of snow in many locations there and it's still coming down. long island as well. new york city, they had about six to seven inches of snow in queens and areas just east of manhattan and farther south, much of new jersey had six to eight inches of snow. but it has ended there now, thankfully. also the winds. they were gusting to hurricane force late yesterday afternoon and into last night. they diminished a little bit, but still gusting to around 60 miles an hour. for us, close up view, storm team 4 radar showing just a few scattered sprinkles. maybe a little sleet mixing in, but all the road temperatures will well above freezing. we have a few of those in western fairfax county, southern loudoun, as well as prince george's and the northern neck of virginia, just a few scattered sprinkles there. it is col
's left of our nor'easter. it is still hammering portions of down east maine and nantucket and martha's vineyard but we still have the winds. once the winds subside tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow is not going to be that much warmer, temperature-wise, but it will feel a lot warmer because of the lack of wind. so a cold start, a milder finish on friday. a nice way to finish the week. will you need a jacket and sunglasses. we're talking pretty much pure sun. again, kind of a cold start. winds diminish, certainly biearly afternoon. then even milder on saturday. we gain five degrees essentially every day through sunday. so overnight, clear skies. still breezy and cold, a one, maybe two blanket night. winds 10 to 20 and occasionally gusty. friday morning breezy, a sunny start. winds northwest 10 to 15. by afternoon mostly sunny and milder. a great looking day. highs near 60. winds only northwest at about 10. zone forecast. sunshine for the mountains to the coast. 40 in oakland, 48 in cumberland but mid-50s in hagerstown and martinsburg, upper 50s down towards winchester. 61 in culpeper. warre
's library. joe biden spent the holiday weekend in nantucket where he participated in the annual cold turkey plunge. he jumped into the ice cold waters of the nantucket sound, and senator ashley judd? not likely to happen. at least not according to the actress's grandmother, polly judd, telling the associated press, quote, i don't think there is any possibility of that happening. ashley judd has not ruled out a run herself, but would have to re-establish residence in kentucky before she could challenge mitch mcconnell in 2014. ♪ i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >>> we asked, you answered. read my lips. should the gop dump grover n nor
jumped in the ocean off nantucket on thanksgiving morning. it was part of the annual cold turkey plunge, an event benefitting nantucket's children's library. of course not all lawmakers may be as fearless as the vice president. coming up, we'll look at some poll who say may not be ready to take the plunge together. why relationships between republicans and democrats are on thin ice next on "now." sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute" look who's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> what does it take to get a deal done in washington these days? well, it's hard for lawmakers to agree on little things, let alone a tax and spending deal that could
coast all the way up past nantucket for winds anywhere from 40 to 60 miles per hour. i think for the delmarva it's kind of split. i think mainly have winds there 40, maybe 50 miles an hour. so certainly you know insult to injury and as you get up into central new jersey and long island, you may actually have additional power outages with the storm. but the good news for us it's a glancing blow. it's moved offshore now. there's the rain from the storm hitting north carolina. i think still a while before it gets into the metro area and west of town maybe leesburg you may see nothing at all tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are cold. 42 already in great falls and also vienna. 41 fairfax. already 39 up in gaithersburg and 42 bethesda and 43 in laurel and 44 in college park. so not a direct hit. breezy and cold tonight. dry morning commute. some afternoon rain. possibly some wet snow late. better chance for snow actually tomorrow night. and a much higher impact at the store. where we could have the winds of 40 to 50 miles an hour and again this is a pretty big amount of real estate
will be wednesday afternoon right off the new jersey shoreline heading for nantucket island. you can see the rain and the snow basically affecting new england all the way down through new jersey at that time. let's look at some of the impacts you will see from the storm and you will notice that the first one is that all too familiar wind, up to 60-mile-an-hour gusts, anywhere from atlantic city northeastward to boston, but mostly on eastern long island, cape cod and the islands. that would be nantucket and martha's vineyard. so it is mostly a coastal influence when it comes to the wind and certainly not as bad as sandy, but there's also coastal flooding a possibility, minor tide tomorrow afternoon and the big wildcard i'm referring to a brief mix with heavy, wet snow which may bring renewed power outages even to the new york metro area tomorrow late afternoon and tomorrow night. so we will be taking a look at that as the day progresses. now, a chance of snow involved as well. >> todd gross, thank you very much. >>> and with much of new jersey still suffering in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, w
. winds are getting much better. winds still peaking out at 44 miles per hour in nantucket. you go down the coast to montauk, 26-mile an hour gust, islip 29, jfk a gust to 29. we're still experiencing some of the winds as well, those gusty winds we have being a combination of the pressure between the nor'easter and an area of high pressure building in. so we definitely are feeling that as well. what they need in the northeast is a break. a big break will happen as the nor'easter exits, we'll see warmer and sunnier air push in. while it will only be in the 50s tomorrow, low 60s could be doable for the weekend. they will be for us. another quick look at some of those impressive snow totals with some 1 foot totals coming out of central new jersey to southeastern new york. >>> an architecture firm in columbia maryland that's known for building communities has taken on a project to rebuild some of the damaged homes and buildings of the today they loaded up a giant truck with relief supplies for victims. audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: in the parking lot outside waldon studio archi
. the irish festival will be a lot of fun. it is a powerful storm. it is south of nantucket. there are some light rain showers try to pass on the backside of it. did not be surprised if the ca light rain shower this morning -- do not be surprised if you see a light rain shower this morning. it feels like it is in the upper 20's and low 30's. another breezy and chilly day today. a chance for a rain shower this morning. mostly sunny this afternoon. the average high as 59. we'll move back into the 60's this weekend. 56 tomorrow with sunshine. 65 on sunday. good weather for the ravens. one more day with the windy, it chilly stuff. smooth sailing through the weekend. >> some big problems for traffic around penn station this morning. jennifer franciotti has the latest. >> it has been slow but sure. this is the water that is flowing down charles street. the break is that charles and east 20th. the water continues to flow. they are working with businesses and homes to make sure that everybody has a minimal impact because of the water main break. folks have not lost water. they have low water pressu
completely cranking out here. just southeast of nantucket and cape cod. still snowing across central and western long island into connecticut. up into areas of maine and new hampshire. and jersey the snow has ended. good news. they can get back to restoring some of the additional power out annals -- outages this has caused. maybe another couple hundred thousand power outages. they're back in the dark again and for us you can see how the clouds are coming all the way back here to areas in eastern west virginia. pretty quiet this morning on the radar. a few sprinkles along the delaware, maryland line here. west of salisbury. this is moving to the south and we had seen some shower activity up across calvert and prince frederick county. that's falling apart but
money from family and friends. because sponsorship money from nantucket nectars. it was really bootstraps. ross, a guerrilla filmmaking. i have never held in camera before. it was learning as we went. it was an exhilarating experience. what an honor to go up to anyone across the country and get their story and speak to them about truth and deaths of their lives. it was a meaningful experience. we had a wide range of characters. half of the interviews were planned. mark zuckerberg, a drug dealer, and homeless kid. >> what did you learn? >> i learned a lot. i learned that no matter where you are from, no matter what your background is, that, you know, everyone has a burning desire to be better, to do better, to improve their surroundings. i sort of walked away from that trip -- we sort of went into that trip with people and other generations calling us apathetic, spoon-fed and directionless, and i went away feeling inspired that our generation, you know, does want to fix this country, does want to fix this world. i don't know if it is going to happen overnight. our world is chang
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on the islands and they're near 40 to maybe 50 miles an hour as we look toward nantucket and cape cod where some of the strongest winds are. the nor'easter will pull out of the area tomorrow leafing new england last. overnight we'll have -- leaving new england last. overnight we'll have mostly clouds. we'll see the nor'easter exit foam and a pattern change beginning -- tomorrow and a pattern change beginning, not so much tomorrow, breezy, sunny and cool but a warm-up friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. let's check out futurecast. 10:00 tonight it has a nice handle on where the rain and snow is. as we watch this thing move out, we've got clouds at 7:00 in the morning, jersey and new york starting to clear out still affecting new england. it will eventually pull out. that means high pressure will take over for most of our friday. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. we've still got a couple chilly days on there, only 52 tomorrow, feeling cooler with the wind. so prepare for a chill and also i would say friday nice and bright like tomorrow but only about 56
in nantucket. for us it's cool. 49 in bethesda. we still have winds to deal with too. if you go out, dress for the30s and 40s. 50 in college park and 49 over in bowie and 50 down here in waldorf. still breezy and windy tonight. dress for the 30s and 40s. it's a big part of the friday night. we'll dress for the 20s and the 30s. it will be real cool coming in. chilly start for them on friday. and then milder finish. you will need a jacket at least the first part of friday and start with the kids at the bus stop. clear skies, breezy, cold. one to two blankets. lows in the 30s. northwest at 10 to 20 and by the morning, pure son, breezy early in the morning with a chilly start. grab a jacket. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. winds are still northwest at 10 to 15. that's better than 15 to 30, which is what we had today. by friday afternoon, mostly sunny, milder, winds diminish. a very nice day. high temperature near 60. and winds are out of the northwest at about 10. and the zone forecast, remember all six zones on our website, 40 in oakland, but you jump the divide. 48 in cumberl
are looking like a hurricane that's been gradually tracking north. here is nantucket. the center of circulation is west of it. buzzards bay, a peak gust of 76 miles per hour late yesterday afternoon as the storm was approaching. all this heavy snow through connecticut and new england. heaviest snows northern new jersey. 13.5 inches. parts of connecticut over a foot of snow. north haven, connecticut had a foot. as you look farther north, six to seven inches in massachusetts up toward new hampshire, vermont and maine. it's windy there and raining. we are feeling the wind in that storm as we get a northwesterly flow here. the wind is going to pull away later today and we'll settle down. going forward with time, the clouds clearing out. cold air settling in as we have high pressure moving in from the midwest. it will be calmer tomorrow. as we get into friday afternoon, saturday and sunday, plenty of sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. sunny, chilly. the wind gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. we have to climb into the low and mid-50s here. tonight, if you are going out, sunset is e
out across nantucket. we have been seeing winds gusting up towards the mid 60's here at jfk right into the mid 30's. >> shepard: for the hurting a.m. and homeless across the region there is a break from the cold coming. >> eventually. you have got to know we will get there temperaturewise. it has been cold ever since sandy. a lot of people for about 11 days now have been dealing with temps below average and not having power. tomorrow, behind the storm, another cold one but we will see a gradual increase in these temperatures and by the time we get to the day on saturday, we're going to see some 60's start to fill in there, 54 towards new york city and a will the of places by sunday and monday, shep, will be back up towards 60 degrees. of course, a lot of them probably by then will have power back on. >> shepard: let's hope. rick reichmuth in the extreme weather center. we will get back to him as it warrant. consider how worse this storm is for those families whose homes are ruined by sandy. nearly 100,000 people are eligible for emergency housing assistance even now. their homes b
near nantucket, right here. that's where the lowest pressure is. it's also where the strongest winds are. notice the precipitation is cutting off from the west to the east, so we'll continue to see gradual improvement today. now, the winds, that's been a problem. that's helped to contribute to those additional power outages, but our peak wind gusts since midnight have come way down in the new york city area. hartford's only had a gust of 31. you can see the stronger gusts toward providence and also martha's vineyard has had a wind gust to 61 miles per hour. and guys i made this especially for you. this is high temperatures for saturday. good news on the way, a warming southwest wind and you're probably going to be pushing temperatures into the 60s by the time we get into saturday and also into sunday. and i know everybody wants to hear that and some dry weather. >> david bernard, thank you. >>> leaders in washington are vowing to deal with the fiscal crisis, higher taxes and spending cuts that kick in new year if congress doesn't act. president obama called cong
county and still cranking. that's nantucket and martha's vineyard right? still cranking out there with bands of rain. western connecticut up into maine and new hampshire even back into long island. they had record snows. in fact any snow on this date was a record in many of the areas, never had snow recorded in places like jfk or islip on november 7th. all the homes remember the ones where the big fire was 110 homes? just around corner basically 4- inches of snow on top of that. this stuff is just sticking to everything. the heavy wet snow. had some showers earlier on the eastern too in southern maryland excuse me, but the eastern shore seeing some and a couple of sprinkles in the upper parts of the chesapeake right now. mid 30s hagerstown down to winchester and fredericksburg is 44. 39 over toward dover delaware and in washington this morning. it is a blustery morning. i don't know how well you can see the flag standing tall outside the u.s. capitol on our michael & son weather camera. but we've got winds northwest at 9 but we've seen gusts in places like quantico, dulles o
. and again at high tide later tonight. also out on the eastern tip of cape cod, out towards nantucket, winds already to 55 miles an hour likely to gust to 60. so some damaging winds there. then there's that new york city vicinity area in terms of the snow. it's a big wild card because we're not sure it is going to change over to complete snow in flos flosh new york. if it sticks, it will bring down more tree limbs and cause more power outages. there will at least be scattered power outages all over again coming in to the northwest suburbs of new york and up into new england. that's the very least. we'll be watching this every step of the way throughout the course of the afternoon. >> we do not need this. thank you very much. appreciate it. >>> courtsny reagan now with a "market flash." >> related to what todd was just talking about, shares of exelon hitting a new 52-week low on the heels of this new nor'easter that's going to slam us right when we're down. we can see more power outages. the stock was lower. we're ticking higher but still hit a 52-week low down more than 1.5%. >>> thank you,
at the radar, this is all kind of breaking down at this hour. the actual storm center is not far from nantucket where they had winds to 65 miles per hour. notice how the precipitation is kind of breaking up and winding down. the storm center is almost done. that's right, we're almost done with this one. now let's talk about the next one. it is brutus and it is going to affect the northern rockies in the next several days with 6 to 12 inches of snow. northern montana, blizzard warning but overall the united states undergoes a warming trend in to the week ahead. >> i'm going to take that as a silver lining, todd. thank you very much. >>> let's turn to the markets now. we've erased our earlier gains. one day after the dow's largest drop this year, the dow is down 62 points on the session. the s&p is down about eight. the nasdaq is down 21, or .75%. kenny, good to see you. >> always a pleasure, sue. >> we didn't hold our gains and the market feels just a little unsettled today. what's your perspective? >> i think you're exactly right. i think it will continue to feel unsettled until once again we g
a mansion in boca raton, acquiring homes in nantucket and colorado, and just loose change, $16 million, for endeavour, a vintage yacht. wealth meant one thing, social acceptance another. he and his second wife, karen mayo, spent millions on paintings. he joined the board of the whitney museum. for a pied-a-terre in new york, he had tyco buy a $19 million apartment and decorated it with $11 million worth of stuff. the poor kid from newark was stepping out on fifth avenue. would dennis kozlowski, a few years ago, even contemplated going to europe to buy old master paintings? >> no, absolutely not. you know, it came with earning the amount of money i was earning at the time. >> was it your idea, or were you invited to join the board of the whitney? >> oh, it was not my idea at all. i was invited to join the board, and i never made a board meeting. >> but you were invited because they like having really rich guys on the board. >> i assume it wasn't for my knowledge of art. [laughter] [ticking] >> coming up, dennis kozlowski and his extravagant lifestyle. donald trump called your behavior t
towards the cape of 60 miles per hour and nantucket with a peak wind gust of 68 miles per hour and seeing reports with the consistent winds of some coastal flooding including high water over the roads in nantucket. a few trees down and led to scattered power outages. you can see behind me, higher water this morning and we are now not at high tide and not seeing the stray come up and over. that was a concern, as well. when's interesting about this storm is winding down and pulling away, wind is still going to be such a huge factor. easing winds means 20 to 30 miles per hour as we get in to the evening opposed to 40 or 50 miles per hour. but that's going to be the case even going through the end of the day today. snow not so much an issue along the coast. it's been the wind and the rain but inland picking up several inches of snow in the evening rush last night. it looks like they could get a little bit of an icy mix through the next few but overall precipitation easing up and checked at boston logan, no major weather-related delays, not yet. back the you. >> maria joining us from massachus
wind farm in nantucket sound because a relatively small number of wealthy people in and around the nantucket area, including the koch brothers, who brought us is to protect the tried to ram a round the president -- mitt romney presidency, are hurting. there has to be a revolution about local level against these antiquated building codes, and of the national level against the company's preventing the clean energy revolution. part of that change has to be a carbon tax at the federal level. we need economic incentives that will make dirty energy, which is expensive environmentally, we have to make it expensive economically if transition will happen fast. host: writers says the -- mr. komanoff, do you have any input as to what is going on on capitol hill, and if not, would you would rise on topics they have to consider as far as the topic is concerned? guest: those studies are a good thing, but it is not as if they're not going to tell us what we already know. a carbon tax is essential to get us off of carbon efficiently, rapidly, and it should and could have a big role in pulling
a 52 to 47 miles per hour, nantucket, 68-mile-per-hour wind gusts. snowfall amounts, 7 inches in flushing queens, 13 inches, and connecticut, 12 inches in north haven, 4 inches in stoney brook, we've got snow up along the new england coast, rain right along the northeastern new england coast and the winds are going to continue today. wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour in cape cod and the islands. and we're looking at strong winds up and down the east coast. we probably will see there. you can see massachusetts will see airport delays stretching all the way from boston down into washington, d.c. today. so we are not quite done with this, but it's just about over. that's the good news. we have to wait and see what else is coming. guys, back to you. >> all right, al. thank you very much. of course, not everyone is as fortunate as that woman we saw who got her power back in the middle of that interview. tens of thousands of homeowners are still in the dark ten days after sandy. nbc's erica hill is in ocean side, new york. on long island, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, go
of nantucket. a large bird crashed through their plane's windshield. but the pilot stayed calm enough to make a quick turnaround and land safely. no one was hurt. >>> and a developing story overnight. dozens of inmate at a prison in york, pennsylvania, had to be rushed to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak. the source of the leak remains a mystery. but at this hour, we're told all of the inmates are expected to recover. >>> and a bankruptcy judge says hostess can go out of business, of the company failed to reach a deal with striking workers. 15,000 jobs will be cut immediately. but potential buyers have already expressed interest in picking up some of the company's iconic products like twinkies and great cakes. >>> the chef millions have come to know and love as mr. food has died. his name was art ginsberg. and he was known for his recipes and his catchphrase, ooh, it's so good. he suffered from pancreatic cancer. he was 81 years old. >>> and a huge legal victory for a former "price is right" model who lost her job after having a baby. a jury awarded brandi cochran $8.5 million. >>> a
of the nor'easter is now just south of the cape near nantucket right here. that's where the lowest pressure is. where the strongest winds are. notice the precipitation is coming from the west to the east. gradual improvement today. winds have contributed to additional power outages. peak wind gusts from midnight have come way down in the new york city area, hartford had a gust of 31. stronger gusts are towards providence and martha's vineyard and had wind gusts of 61 miles per hour. guys, i made this especially for you. this is high temperatures for saturday, good news on the way, a warming southwest wind and you're probably going to be pushing temperatures into the 60s by the time we get into saturday and also sunday and i know everybody wants to hear that and some dry weather. >> david bernard thank you. leaders in washington are vowing to deal with the fiscal crisis, higher taxes and spending cuts that kick in new year if congress doesn't act. president obama called congressional leaders before he returned to washington last night. >> earlier house speaker john boehner said republicans a
are in eastern massachusetts. nantucket gusting to 50 miles an hour already. there may be minor coastal flooding from the jersey shore through long island. serious coastal flooding south of boston and down toward cape cod. what about the snow? there's a cold pool of air over southeastern new york into northeastern pennsylvania that will get sucked down toward the new york metropolitan area this afternoon. that's where the big wild card is. we know several inches of wet snow will pile up somewhere in new jersey up through southeastern new york to the northwest of new york city. what about the city itself and western long island, southwest connecticut, where the trees have leaves on them. why is that so important? we're just recovering in that vicinity from the power outages now. when trees get leaves and snow falls on those leaves, it brings downed branches and starts a new round of power outages all over again. we'll know much more in the next couple of hours as precipitation first moves in and we'll play it throughout the afternoon step by step to see how it's going to pan out. >> all right. th
. these are the peak winds we saw near 70 miles an hour near nantucket. everyone else closer to 40s in the mile per hour range. but that's enough. for the advisories that are still out there, connecticut into rhode island, we're still watching winter weather advisories and winter storm warns. and that continues up the coast into new hampshire and maine where the snowfall totals quite honestly won't be as big. switching gears a little bit, i know there's a lot of natural gas and oil exploration going on across the northern plains. this is our next big winter weather system. as blizzard warnings are in place across much of monday tta. we could see record breaking two day snowfall totals across the north. guys, back to you. >>> mark, thank you very much. appreciate it. and china's communist party is gathering to select new leaders. eunice yun joins s us us from g with the story. >> reporter: that's right. hand picked delegates have gathered to decide on who will be running this country for the next ten years. this is very significant because we will be see whog is going to be running the second large
. and jfk and nantucket 60 miles per hour. we'll deal with that. airports hubs in new york call ahead to make sure your airplane will get in or you will get out on time. we have closures in the northeast and delays over the rest of the country. there are the highs today. 40s and tomorrow, 50s and heading into saturday close to 60 degrees. that is good news that i have for you today, back to you. >> gretchen: thank you for the update and i hope you get your power back. >> steve: janice there is it a possibility of a blizzard in the northern plains and rockies, coming up in weekend. >> brian: if you are the director of emergency management get your resume in quick there. is a opening. andrew cuomo finally somebody that screwwed up the preparations and everything else with the response to the hurricane sandy. steven kerr is out. he evidently sent a crew to get a tree off his driveway diverting him - on them from other people. andrew cuomo heard and fired him. >> steve: the first lady of new jersey she revealed they were without electricity six or seven days. >> gretchen: believe it or no
to the island of nantucket, they were able to catch a different flight. there were no serious injuries except for the bird, as you can imagine, who did not survive the impact. [laughter] rick: he had it coming. rereally did. >>> all right, tourists heading to rome about to get a surprise as the ancient city tries to preserve its most historic sites by banning eating. amy kellogg is live in london. nice to see you, happy thanksgiving. i know italy is known for its food and sites, and people trying to combine both, so what's the point of this? >> reporter: yeah. the point, rick, really is to keep the eternal city eternally lovely. and i have to say it's not just the tourists, rick, or those who go to rome to eat, pray, love who are complaining. there was sort of a flash mob last month of italians who were wielding panini -- italian sandwiches -- and they rushed the steps of the city hall. of course, rome doesn't frown upon food, it's just now frowning upon the consumption of food on or around important monuments. and that's sort of a difficult thing to enforce in a city that's brimming with foo
. fortunately, the plane was heading to nantucket and it landed safely. i was in a private plane not too long ago, i always freak out about that. >> about the bird coming through the windshield, you're aven freaked out about that? >> i worry about a lot of things most people probably wouldn't worry about. >> i was on a private plane, that would be the last thing i'd be thinking about. let's check in with maria molina for a look at the black friday forecast. it's looking beautiful. >> that's right. good morning. we're look at more beautiful weather in store across portions of the northeast. sunshine, temperatures above average for this time of the year. 54 in new york city and across the southeast, another beautiful day. temperatures in the upper 60s. in atlanta, and upper 70s over in the city of miami. we have changes coming up to the east coast. a strong cold front headed eastbound. today that system is impacting portions of the great lakes. behind this cold front, look at this air mass, 27 degrees in minneapolis. very cold. 35 in chicago. it is cold enough on the northern end of the storm s
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